FIRST HAIRCUT / iPhone 6+ / PhotoForge 2

Street photography. People watching. Light and color. Walking the streets, whether near home or while traveling. These are things I truly enjoy. Capturing candid moments, human interactions, being aware, attuned, ready.

Later, at home, or back in my room, to relive those moments, enhance the images, share them; this I also enjoy.

On the streets of Valladolid, Mexico, a fraction of a second. On my iPad, a chance to slow down, savor, develop, improve. Published here, shared with the world, with you.

Time for you, I hope, to pause for a moment. Look, really look. Complete the story in your own mind. To comment and share your thoughts, here and with your friends. On Facebook, Twitter, by email or sms.

Hasta mañana.


EVENING IN RONDA / iPhone 4s / Snapseed

I was having fun playing with silhouettes outside the Plaza de Toros. in Ronda, Spain's oldest bullring, last year, while walking around indulging in my favorite pastime, street photography.

Hasta mañana.




TRES MUJERES (Three Women)

TRES MUJERES (Three Women) / iPhone 6+ / Snapseed

I see no reason why street photography has to be always black and white, especially in Mexico, where color is so often an important part of the story.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love monochromatic street shots. But I love color, too. Mainly, I love to capture life on the street, and to present it in best way I can manage.

I also love photos that tell a story, like this one that speaks of the changes that time brings.

Hasta mañana.



A DAY OFF, SORT OF / iPhone 6+ / Snapseed

I can't believe it. I actually took a day off. Well, I did get out of the house. I even got out of town. I jumped in the van and drove down to Santa Fe for a Flamenco fix. Got there in time for a delicious lunch of duck flautas at rhe Museum Hill Cafe.

Then I photographed and shot video on my iPhone of the dancers in the Museum of International Folk Art's Flamenco Festival. An hour and a half of that, while fun, was also a fair bit of work. Add to that the two and a half or three hour drive time, and maybe a day off is stretching things.

Anyway, it was a great break and a welcome change from all that I've been working on lately. The performers, from Santa Fe and Albuquerque, put on a great show.

Now, back to working on my books. Books? Yep, that's a plural. Stay tuned.

Hasta mañana.



LAGUNA STONEWORK / Canon Powershot s400 / ACDSee Pro 6

Here's one from a couple of years ago on my blog, Click on the image to enlarge it, and marvel, as I did, at the stonework in this simple yet complex stone wall.,

There is a beautiful, whitewashed church in New Mexico's Laguna Pueblo. It is so striking that you could easily miss this beautiful but simple stone building, just across from it. No matter what you're photographing, it's a good idea to look all around, including in the opposite direction, so you don't miss a thing.

Dinner with friends tonight, so this will be another short post.

Hasta mañsna.



SKULL OF A YOUNG HORSE / PhotoForge2 / iPhone 4s / 100 Cameras in One / Photo Toaster

Here's one from the archives. Having computer problems tonight, so this will be a short message.

Hasta Mañana



Here is my newest book! It's almost finished.

It's a book of iPhone photographs taken at car shows.

Rich colors, abstract shapes, flowing forms and random detail invite the eye to linger, the mind to wander, to reminisce.

Chrome, steel, paint, and even wood combined, tell of the time and the love invested in bringing new life to these treasures from our past.

I made several changes today, adding a couple of images, resizing and rearranging them adding covers for the different versions. It will come in a choice of hard cover, soft cover, ebook and pdf formats.

In a few days, I will receive the final printed proof, make any necessary adjustments and corrections, send it off to the publisher and, just maybe, it will be available in time for gift giving this holiday season.

I have some other projects that I have been working on, as well, and I'll be letting you know more about them in the next few days.

There may even be a little something in your stocking soon.

Hasta mañana.







TAOS CAT / Panasonic Lumix TZ5 / PhotoForge2 / ACDSee

While photographing this old truck covered with snow, I saw something move in the shadows beneath it. Soon, this little fellow peeked out, a tiny kitten, perfectly framed by the old truck.

You never know what you might find if you keep your eyes and your mind open when out photographing. I certainly got lucky on this day.

You can click on the image for a closer look.

OK, I promised I would start today telling you about the projects I've been working on lately. All I can tell you right now is that I wrapped one of them up late last night. I can't spill the beans just yet, as I still have a bit of tidying up to do. But…

Tomorrow, I will give you a sneak peek!

Hasta Mañana.




ESCORT / iPhone 6+ / Snapseed

I love shooting street photography. I love Mexico City. Put the two together and I'm a happy boy. Plus, I get some exercise, a lot, really. And I drink a lot of that delicious, fresh squeezed orange juice.

Then, when I just can't walk any more, I sit and sketch, people, mostly, on my iPhone.

Of course, Mexico City isn't the only place I like to do these things. Nice, France is another favorite, as are the cities and towns of southern Spain. Buenos Aires in Argentina, though I've only been there one time is high on my list.

OK, I guess you can tell I'm getting really homesick for all the places I've been and all those I've yet to explore.

Soon. Just wrapping up a couple of last minute projects. More about those beginning tomorrow.

Hasta mañana.



This afternoon…



Amazing, isn't it, how different these images are, although they're just a couple of weeks apart?


Hasta mañana.


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