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Our daily auction of original paintings is coming back. You will soon be able to enjoy a different painting with your morning coffe every day. Stay tuned and check back often to learn more about how easily you will be able to build or add to your own collection of original John FARNSWORTH paintings.


Ranchos de Taos Plaza, with a view of the famous San Francisco de Asís adobe church.

Corrugated Rust

Some rust, for my daughter, Rosa, who can’t resist rust. Check out heyrosakilgore on Instagram!

Alfombra (carpet)

A carpet of pine needles is the base of an Alfombra, to be decorated with flowers, wheat, multi-colored sawdust, breads and produce. Soon after, a float, or Anda depicting Jesus will be carried over this and many others throughout Antigua, in celebration of Holy Week, Semana Santa, leading up to Easter.

it will be destroyed by the feet of the penitent brotherhood carrying the float, and the band following, then promptly swept away by a clean up crew.

Two Way Street

Several businesses around Antigua keep food and water out in front of their shops, bars and restaurants, but still, I see this particular mother dog searching the streets for edible scraps just about anywhere I go. The girl is trying to make friends, but if she doesn’t have food to offer, I don’t think it’s going to work.

A Night in Antigua

Then, suddenly, the bright headlights of a parked car…

TRANQUILO / La Antigua, Sacatapequez, Guatemala / iPhone 6s Plus / ProCamera / Snapseed

With the crowds and excitement of Semana Santa behind us, quiet returns to the streets of La Antigua, except for this lime green umbrella!

See the sepia version of this image on Instagram @johnfarnsworthphotographer.

Follow along, see what I see, as I travel with my iCamera in Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Panama, Guatemala and beyond.

I will be traveling light, moving slow, planning as little as possible. Mostly street photography, but anything else that catches my eye.

Happy Easter, everyone!

A Young Cucurucho

A young Cucurucho standard bearer waits at the beginning of a procession during Semana Santa in La Antigua, Guatemala.