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Before I bring you up to date on my time in Mexico, here's a little something that didn't get mentioned while I was in Merida. Mainly, it didn't get mentioned because there is video involved and I just haven't had time to edit it, yet. For now, just let me say that La Bella Durmiente, Featuring the Ballet and Orchestra of Saint Petersburg was moving and impressive.

Video and sketches, maybe even some paintings to come. Anyone interested?

Meanwhile, I'm in Mexico City, the sun is shining and I have much to see and do. So, for now…

Hasta Luego



I posted this late yesterday, but it apparently didn't get through. Here goes another try… Well, I gave it several more tries. None worked. So I took off the sketches from the airport and posted them separately. Let's see if this works…

Here's another Campeche church I wanted to share with you:

It looked like maybe it was no longer in use, but, later in the evening, I stepped out onto the balcony of my hotel room to see if I could get a sunset shot. This is what caught my eye:

Some colored lights in the distance

So, off I went to see what was up. What I found was yet another church in evening attire. Like the rest of Campeche, her churches seem to come to life after dark.

Night Colors

And here are a couple of random shots from yesterday:




This was the sunset view from my room in Mexico City.

Hasta Mañana.



I don’t know what’s going on. Yesterday’s post didn’t get through. I’ve just spent a couple of hours trying to get it to work, but no luck. For some reason about half the images aren’t loading.

I was trying to share a few more images from Campeche, a group of iPhone sketches from the airport and one from my hotel room in Mexico City.

I will keep trying with the Campeche images, but for now, here are the airport sketches that have made it through…

One more; my taxi driver in Mexico City, from the airport to my hotel…


There were three more from my hour wait at the airport. They should have worked the same way these did. It’s all a mystery to me.

Hasta Mañana (And I hope this works.)


Mosaic mural on a public building in Campeche

I love Mexico because when I squeeze A lime, a lot of juice comes out.

I like the way the traffic flows here, too. Most of the time.

I'll do a post on that when I have a minute.

On the other hand, there are days like today.

I checked the balance on my debit card and it was good to go. So I went. To the airport. Just in time for my flight to Mexico City on Interjet. (Love that name.)

My card was declined. And Interjet would not take dollars. While negotiating, the flight was closed.

I went next door to Aeromexico. They had a flight leaving in one hour. Card declined. OK, cash? Nope, they would not take dollars, either. A few pesos short. Tried the ATM. SORRY, try again later. I did. Same result.

Back to Interjet again for tomorrow's flight. Card declined. Came up with just enough cash after senior discount! Bought a ticket. Cab to town. Card declined at hotel. Walked to ATM, withdrew necessary pesos without a hitch(?).

Stopped for quick lunch, Email from Thea saying fraud department had her approve two hundred dollars airline charges plus hotel charge!?! The ticket I bought was only $110. Back to hotel. No record of approval. Tried card again and this time, it worked.

Upstairs to room. Not as requested. Back down stairs to change. Back up to new room. This one looked just right, so I undressed and got ready to rest and prpare a post, then maybe a quick nap.

Wifi would not connect.

Dressed and went downstairs again. Clerk tried and tried and made phone calls in search of a solution. Nada. Tried repeatedly then all of a sudden my iPhone got a connection.

I raced back upstairs. Wifi had disconnected and the password again didn't work. Back down the stairs. Did I mention, no elevator?

The “engineer” was sent for. What appeared to be a high school sophomore showed up after about ten minutes. Tried everything. No luck. Said something long and in rapid fire Spanish that seemed to include back in ten minutes. He was, and with a laptop. Tried everything again. Same results. More rapid fire which, this time, included gestures indicating far away, which is where I guess he went. Maybe he'll be back. We'll see.

Maybe I'll have a little siesta.

I did.

Then I got dressed and went out to photograph around seven. As I left my room, the wifi started working, or should I say laboring weakly. Very weakly. So I went on with my walking and shooting.

Around eight, I settled in to my favorite restaurant for a bowl of seafood soup, and to use their wifi. The soup was good, but their chairs proved too hard for my old bones, so I think I'll move on.

And here I am once again in the Italian Coffe Company for some reliable wifi. And Cafe Americano.

Pardon the rant, Now, as a thank you for your patience, some more impressions of Campeche:

A new take on the Eagle and Snake from the Mexican flag

An interesting mural on the wall of the Best Western Motel

Waiting for the return of the pirates

The Bay of Campeche in the Gulf of Mexico

Just one block from the citipy's elegant Cathedral, there is this church
Inside, though, I found some good research for my Faces of Saints series


Sunday evening and the central plaza was crowded with people playing what appeared to be a form of Bingo

I actually got a big smile a millisecond later

That's it for today, folks. More tomorrow, I hope.

Hasta Mańana




Ahhh, at last, a town I think I'm going to like. So far, what I've seen of Campeche looks a lot like I expected Mérida to look. Clean. Wide, flat sidewalks.But with the usual Gringo traps. (Holes, sloping driveways, high curbs, etc.) pastel colored Colonial buildings, an impressive, wedding cake of a Cathedral, and a long Malecón.

My Telcel time ran out while I was in the bus terminal, researching hotels, so I caught a cab to the central plaza and started walking, looking for a telcel office and a hotel. I found a hotel fairly quickly, right on the plaza, but Telcel was another matter.

The locals seem to speak with a strange dialect or a very strong accent. And very rapidly. I was able to get a measly 80 mgs without understanding a thing I was being told or making myself understood at all. Somehow, after being bounced from place to place six or seven times, I finally managed to buy a whole 80 mg. that should last me until I really need it.

A very nice fish dinner with a red molé, followed by a short walk, then back to my room.

Where I discovered my iPhone battery was nearly dead and I can't get either a cellular nor a wifi signal in my room. So I decided to put this post together, then go out to the lobby to post it.

Then I fell asleep.

So, now it's tomorrow, I've had my coffee, and I'm back on the job. Here, then, are some first impressions of Campeche…

I was told in Merida by several people that I would find Campeche mucho ms tranquilo, much more tranquil. Seems they were right.

Across from the main plaza

The Cathedral

The Cathedral in evening attire

Traffic on the main plaza (don't miss the training wheels)

I got this shot of a dog walker after dinner last night, and couldn't resist getting arty with it this morning.

This is the view from the chair from which I am posting this slightly late dispatch, here in the Italian Coffee Company whose wifi works! Yay!.

Now, I'm off to gather more impressions of Campeche, Mexico.

Stay tuned.





i don't know why, but by the time I finished dinner this evening, I was exhausted. It was pretty hot today, but that's what I'm here for, right? I sat down in the lobby to work up some sketches for tonight's post, but could hardly keep my eyes open. So I dragged my weary self up the two flights of stairs to my room, only to remember I had left my new bottle of water in the lobby. So back down I went and up again.

I decided to get ready for bed, then see what I could come up with for the post. As soon as I looked in the mirror, I knew I had my answer…

MERIDA SELFIE / iPhone 6 Plus / PhotoForge 2

That's it for now. Tomorrow can only get better.






iPhone 6 Plus / Process / PhotoForge 2

Evening in the Plaza de la Independencia, Madrid, Mexico

iPhone 6 Plus / Process / PhotoForge 2

I can't take all the credit for these two shots. Apperently, I had somehow managed to bump something on my iPhone, bringing in an included filter called Process. Messed up a lot of shots, but made these interesting, though too cold. I warmed them up a bit in PhotoForge 2, and cropped them. Added just a little vignette, and here they are.

These sellers of embroidered goods ply the streets and plazas day and night. This young girl is the most beautiful I've seen.

Time for dinner. Hasta Mañana.



I sketched this fellow as a warm-up on the Zocalo in Merida, using my finger on the iPad Air, in SketchTime.

Before I could finish, his pose became much more interesting, so I did a second sketch…

This guy offered two poses I found interesting…

I needed two pages to capture the action of his little boy chasing a pigeon while pulling his mother along behind…

Finally, a super quick study of one side of the Cathedral, peeking above the trees.

I thought I should explain, briefly, the change from a daily painting. As many of you know, I painted a painting every day and posted it here for almost four years. I enjoyed that time immensely. I also did another blog for about three years that was a photograph a day, whenapaintersnaps.wordpress.com, which also was a pleasure. After a while, though, doing two blogs every day became a bit too much. So I quit the photo blog.

Last November, I took what I thought would be a short break from the daily paintings. Four months flew by before I knew it. I really missed doing my “dailies”, but realized how much I had missed creating larger works, drawings and sketching, which I had done so little of during that time. I missed sharing my photographs, too.

I was also becoming more interested in doing some videos, more teaching, and a few other projects I've had stuffed up my sleeve for all too long. And there is my love of travel, and wanting to become more proficient with painting and drawing on my iPad. I would like to write a bit more on occasion as well.

What I'm trying to get at, here, is some idea of what you might expect from these posts in the future. I want to maintain the habit of posting daily, or almost daily, but I'll be mixing it up, with video one day, words the next; or sketches, followed by paintings of various sizes. In other words, this is going to become a variety show. I hope you will stay with me and follow along as I wander serendipitously through life. Because, really, Life is Grand!

Right now, I need to get back out on the streets of Merida to see what I can see.



Wheww! What a chore this has been. Spent the whole afternoon and evening putting this simple video together and uploading it to YouTube. Many locations and failed wifi connections later, I think it’s now available to embed here.

So, here goes…

Or maybe not! Please, just click the link below for a two minute video that should lift your spirits. Then let me know what you think of it, whether you want to see more videos, and lat me know if you encounter any problems viewing it. Thanks for your patience. John




Another day given over, for the most part, to travel. I’m in Merida now, and already liking it far more than either Playa del Carmen or Valladolid.  I spent the evening around the Zocalo, which was jam-packed with families, partiers, food stalls and vendors, including these young girls at the end of a busy day.


BREAKTIME / iPhone 6 Plus

I took a lot more photos, several videos, and managed a couple of sketches. But it’s after midnite, now, and I’m exhausted. Besides, I have no wifi tonight and am having to prepare and post this using my iPhone. So. That’s it for now. More tomorrow.

Hasta Mañana


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