Roadside Dusk (detail)I got Betsy back!

Who is Betsy? Betsy is my iVan.  As in iPhone, and iPad. She’s the go anywhere, do anything Volkswagen Westfalia camper van that we bought back in  ’87. She was less than a year old and barely used. We promptly left on a three month trip around the Western United States and Southwestern Canada. What a honeymoon! We both loved our time camping and roaming about, but it was enough to last Thea a lifetime. She still likes shorter excursions, usually for business or family visits. I’ve continued to take Betsy on occasional hunting and fishing trips around Arizona and New Mexico, plus a couple of trips to Yellowstone.

A couple of years ago, we decided it was time to sell her. We were so busy with the galleries and commissions and just life in general, and she was getting very little use, other than as an around town car. Oh, it hurt, but we let her go. Our friend, Jane, who bought her, called recently and said she didn’t have time to do all the camping she’d planned. She had put quite a bit of money into mechanical repairs, but was really getting little or no chance to use Betsy. She knew how much we, I especially, had missed the old girl, and wanted to know if we’d be interested in trading art to get her back. In a heart beat!

Now what to do? I still never seemed to have time for anything but work. I had started my blogs A Farnsworth A Day, featuring a painting every day, and another blog, When a Painter Snaps, featuring a photograph a day. I started having more fun with my work and being more creative than I had been in years. But I’d let the creative side of living slip away. Having Betsy back reminded me how much I’d been missing  life on the road. Trip after trip got postponed or delayed or just plain written off. I’ve long since had my fill of snow and cold weather, I’m homesick for just about every place I’ve ever been and most places I haven’t. I love travel, crave springtime weather, and am quick to remind others that life is short. It ain’t a dress rehearsal. The only way I can see to enjoy reincarnation is to live many lives within this one we’ve been blessed with.

Jack Kerouac said it best “…life is the road.”

I’m hitting the road!

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9 thoughts on “AND NOW FOR THE NEWS…

  1. GREAT to hear that Betsy’s back!

    We just bought a pull-out bed/couch for the ‘Farnsworth Den’. When are ya coming to “Civil
    War” country (Maryland)???
    :^ )

    1. Packin’ a desktop, a laptop, an iPad and an iPhone, wherever there’s wifi or 3g she sure will be! But it’s small size and ease of use I was thinking of. And her quick startup.
      John (Juanaday Vagabundo)

      1. juanaday vagabundo,

        you ROCK!!!!!! three cheers for the person that takes the plunge and
        decides what he really wants to do and has the courage to do it. may
        every one of your days be filled with wonder and excitement; i ‘m sure
        you will fill each to the nth degree.

        am looking forward to your continuing ‘juanadays’ and comments that
        you will have as you start your adventure. i believe that your writing
        talents are as sterling as your painting…….are you thinking about
        possibly putting this newest adventure to print? for whatever it’s
        worth, i can’t help but believe that you’d have readers begging for

        my very best to you and thea,


        1. Whooeee@ You are the gas in my tank! How can I go wrong with such sweet encouragement! I don’t know about print, yet, but there will be lots of sharing on the blog. Come on along! I couldn’t ask for better company! And who knows? maybe we will meet up along the way. I look forward to that possibility!

  2. OMG ….john, i am so excited for you and betsy!!!!! i think i knew from the start that bestsy just needed a parking place and that she would always belong to YOU and thea…. this is excited news as i know she is raring to take you back to all the places you are homesick for….i think hitting the road will be more than anything you ever imagined…it will definitely keep your creative juices flowing….i need to come over after tax season if i have any money still in the piggy bank and see what is still haing on your wall..haha

    you and thea take care of each other and anytime you are in the neighborhood, i would love to see you both…betsy ,too!!!!…love, jane

    1. Hi Jane,
      Will try to touch base before we leave. The move’s a real killer, though. Be sure to follow along on our adventures, and we’ll see you when we get back this way, for sure. Betsy sends a hug! Me, too!

  3. I love Betsy. It also brings back memories of how Russel and Florise lived and traveled in one. Russel made the statement, He did not like to shop. Would park in town and Florise would go shopping and he was still at home. They got to see the different states. Found others and traveled with them. Made it safer being on the highways.

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