Oil on Panel / 6 x 6 Inches / ©John Farnsworth

Finally, some adventure. I went to the zoo! I parked in a nice, shady spot and started painting this great little Wakas. That’s Hopi, by the way, from the Spanish word vacas, meaning cattle.

When the painting was finished the zoo was closed. So much for adventure. There were other exciting things that happened during the day, though. Like my encounter with a dragon. The rest of that story is over on my other blog, where I post a daily photograph. If you haven’t already, and you can spare a minute or two, come on over to and have a look.


One thought on “RED HAIRED WAKAS (COW) KACHINA Daily Painting #591

  1. This is adorable. The red hair really sets it off. I will never stop thinking about how they came about to make these dolls. They really knew colors and how to make them. I am not sure if it is a he or a she.

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