ZUÑI LONGHORN KACHINA / Oil on Panel / 6 x 6 Inches / ©John Farnsworth

I know, I know, Kachinas again. What can I say? I just love painting Kachinas!

There used to be a Longhair Kachina mask in the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos. I believe it has since been repatriated to Zuñi. I stood in the MRM one summer in the late sixties, and made a detailed study of that mask. Back in Flagstaff, I made an oil painting based on that sketch. It was purchased by Jane and Harry King, who became my first repeat collectors. Years passed. Jane and Harry divorced and she remarried and ended up living in Denver. I ran into Jane unexpectedly a few years back, on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. We renewed our friendship and Jane visited us often in Santa Fe and Taos. Jane died three or four years ago, and when she did, she left my paintings, including the Longhair mask painting, to me, in her will! She also left me her Kachina doll collection. I will, in turn, leave the Kachina mask painting to the MRM, as a replacement for the original mask.

RIP, Jane. You were an exceptional friend.

Betsy is all better, now. She has a new water pump and several other things. $976.00 worth of other things. Ouch! I got in touch with a couple of old friends by phone, but the heat was getting pretty noticable, so I opted to get out of town. I stopped in Sun City for a nice, long visit with my old friend, sculptor Pat Mathiesen. Pat had good news and bad news. The bad was that she had a nasty fall back in December and messed up her back and knee. She’s still quite incapacitated, but determined! The good ews is really good. First off, she is featured in the current exhibition “Cowgirl Up”at the Wickenburg Museum, and sold her life-size sculpture of Sacajewea.

Next, she is featured in the book 48 Intriguing Women of Arizona along with the likes of Sandra Day O’Connor, and Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Congratulations, Pat, you’ve earned it!


iPhone4s / Grungetastic / PhotoForge2


5 thoughts on “ZUÑI LONGHORN KACHINA Daily Painting #614

  1. Hi John, I look forward every day to my John Farnsworth fix:-)! Painting, photo and report – what a joy every day. But I believe that Gabrielle Giffords is a Democrat and not a Republican…….?!

  2. Please don’t apologise for the kachina’s John. I absolutely adore every one. and i”m loving the stories as well. Another day of Happy Trails to you & Betsy!

  3. All your paintings lift my spirits. They give me a very special meaning of life. Keep up the wonderful work.

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