Sand Hills, NM


Oil on Panel / 6 x 6 inches / ©John Farnsworth

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This will be a short post because when I finally got over to Verizon today, they were closed until 2:45 for lunch. I had not been terribly impressed with the service there on my first visit, so I decided to go to Santa Fe to make the switch from AT&T. Three hours of drive time, two and a half hours with Verizon, a few minutes in Best Buy, dinner and some grocery shopping has left me with a shortened evening. The good news is that the switch seems to have gone without a hitch. I traded in our old phones for two new phones and a new 860L mifi device. Got out, after a mail in rebate, forty bucks ahead. I was very satisfied with AT&T. No complaints. Good coverage, no problems with their tech support. But there is no AT&T coverage in Taos, so they decided since I’m a fairly heavy user, they would just as soon drop me as a customer. This has been a major inconvenience, but I have hopes that I will be even more pleased with Verizon. We’ll soon find out.

RANCHOS MOON Daily Photograph #1627

Just a snapshot, but this was the view from our kitchen door a few nights ago, and I felt like sharing it with you. Enjoy.

Ranchos Moon


Oh, by the way, we ran through a beautiful cloudburst around Tesuque on our way to Santa Fe, and just miss another on our way home. Love the rain. We need it.


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6 thoughts on “SAND HILLS, NEW MEXICO Daily Painting #656

  1. John, you, once again, outdid yourself with today’s painting. It is magnificent and entails everything I love about New Mexico and the rest of the Southwest! And guess what came to mind when I looked at your photo? Moon over Hernandez by Ansel Adams! Now there is your version called Ranchos Moon:-)!

  2. I really like “Sand Hills” for its simplicity and angles. Rancho Moon makes us want to come up to the fresh
    evenings of Taos.

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