Into the Sunset, Carrizozo to Socorro


Oil on Panel / 6 x 6 inches / ©John Farnsworth

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ROAD TRIP Continued

After finishing off our green chile cheeseburgers, we beat it on down, past Three Rivers, through Tularosa, and on to Alamogordo, where we met Leo and his family and Betsy. No, not the famous Betsy VW, this was Betsy Chevrolet, the object of our quest. We had a nice, long visit with this nice family, then loaded the pickup onto the dolly, and off we went, back to Carrizozo. When we stopped there for gas, we noticed that the wheels of the pickup were cockeyed on the tow dolly. We had a hard time re-adjusting the tie down straps until a stranger came over and gave us a hand. And the chef from Kelly’s saw us and came over to offer his help. Pretty friendly town.

Next, we headed out for Soccoro, as we wanted to take the freeway where we would be able to more easily get help if we had any more problems than on the back road we had come down on. The sun was setting and we were treated to some beautiful sunset effects like the one above.

To be continued

If you haven’t already, be sure to scroll all the way down to read about your chance to participate in the creation of a documentary Be Home Soon.

And start getting ready for THE KACHINAS ARE COMING. That’s the big Kachina show Thea wil be putting on of my Kachina paintings the first of September at David Anthony Fine Arts, here in Taos. I hope to see you there!


Self Portrait with Masau Kachina



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