SOUTH OF SEDONA / Daily Painting #1054

Watercolor / 6 x 9 Inches.

One of my favorite places to camp, this is just above Dry Beaver Creek in Arizona, south of Sedona. It’s the place where my Dad taught me the joys of quail hunting. It’s also the place where I was first able to out-walk him. That was a sad day for me. Until then, I’d never been able to keep up with him. Despite the name, this is also the place where I witnessed a serious flash flood. I heard it long before I saw it. Fortunately, I wasn’t down along the creek bed when it came.

If you would like to own today's painting, Send your bid (Minimum $200) in an email to:, or call Thea at 505 982-4561

Currently, I'm wrestling with just how I want to continue this blog. As you may know by now, I have really loved and thoroughly enjoyed the daily 6 x 6 inch paintings. And the recent Confections have really been a blast. But I am missing the chance to do more of these full-fledged watercolors. I would occasionlly like to work larger, too.

So. here's my thinking at the moment. I'm thinking I will switch from the current format of always doing the same size and the same begining bid, or, as has been the case with the Confections, one price fits all, regardless of size or complexity, to a more varied approach. One that fits not only my love of varied sibjects and styles, but differing sizes and mediums, as well.

I will be offering everything from tiny sketches to full sheet watercolors, to both smaller and larger oils, and just about everything in between. I hope it will be more entertaining than confusing, and that you will all continue to follow along.

By the way, I hope to be traveling again, soon, and will try to make my verbal input more interesting as my adventures unfold.

I hope you will all help me with this. I would love to hear your thoughts. I so appreciate each and every comment, as well as your bids! Please, don't be shy, join in, let's make this blog as interesting as it can be, together.

Touch here to see more confections.

Touch here to see my daily photograph.

Please remember that if you would like to commission a larger version of your favorite subject, if you would like to check on the availability of a given image, or if you would like to schedule a workshop, we are just a phone call away, at 505 982-4561, or you can email us at:


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