Watercolor / 6 x 8 inches

If you would like to own today's painting, send your bid (Minimum $200) in an email to: farnsworthgallery@newmex.com, or call Thea at 505 982-4561.

The other athlete in the arena. People ride these things. For sport. Sometimes for money. Big money.

Sorry, they don't make money big enough to get me on one. Not now, of course, but not when I was younger, either.

Hats off to those who do ride, and to those mighty mounds of challenge, the bulls of rodeo.

Please remember that if you would like to:

  • Commission a larger version of your favorite subject,
  • Check on the availability of a given image, or
  • Schedule a workshop

We are just a phone call away, at 505 982-4561, or you can email us at: john@johnfarnsworth.com.


3 thoughts on “TWO TONE (RODEO BULL) / Daily Painting #1113

  1. He may be two-toned, but he is all Muscle. I would not want to have him chasing me across a pasture. HA! Love the modeling of his face.

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