Pen and Ink / Watercolor / 6 x 9 inches

Another confection. This time it's an old carved wooden mask of an old man from the Rafael Coronel Mask Museum in Zacatecas, Mexico. With a collection of some 3,000 mascaras on display, you can see I have my work cut out for me.

Be the first person in with a $100 bid, because the first hundred takes it!

So don't wait! Send your bid in an email to:, or call Thea at 505 982-4561.

I'm having a great time with these, and apparently so are many of you.

If you would like some expert help with framing your purchase, just call Thea, 505 982-4561, and she will take good care of you.

Also, please remember that if you would like to:

  • Commission a larger version of your favorite subject,
  • Check on the availability of a given image, or
  • Schedule a workshop

We are just a phone call away, at 505 982-4561, or you can email us at:



3 thoughts on “OLD MEXICAN DANCE MASK / Daily Painting #1160

  1. I like the monochrome scheme. Yes, those masks are always a bit threatening. Deliberately so, I think. He looks a little Greek to me….Socrates.

  2. Do they still make these masks for dances? Thank you for letting me be on your list. The pictures you paint showing how other people live and living really broadens my mind.

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