Esquina / Watercolor / 6 x 6 Inches

Another slow start day. Am I seeing a pattern, here? This hotel, Refugio del Angel, has the best shower I've in a long time. Quite large, and with lots of very hot water in a powerful stream. But leave it I did, finally, to join the others who had long since had their breakfast, on the corner opposite the plaza for a cup of coffee and a pastry.

Then, off we went to the mask museum that I've been trying to photograph in since 1973. There were some great displays, but the masks were in storage.

So we took another enjoyable drive, out to the village of Zirahúen and an interesting Marina with beautiful little cabins for rent. A big weekend resort, it was pretty well abandoned on a Tuesday. I think I got a couple off good photos, though.

Back at the hotel we had a drink in the lobby, where the –staff built a welcome fire for us in the fireplace, then we went to Lupita's on Quiruoga for a very fine dinner. I had a delicious trout from Lake Zirahúen, and Thea had a jicama salad that I had to help her finish. Oh darn!

And so ends another lovely Patzcuaro day.

¡Hasta Mañana!

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3 thoughts on “ESQUINA / Daily Painting #1233

  1. Can see you sitting at the top of the hotel and gathering ideas from the scenery to paint. Would love to have a room in the beautiful hotel too.

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