CALAKAS DANCING Part Two / Daily Painting #1241

Today, I picked up where I left off yesterday. I did a screen capture of that last image, opened it in the app, Photoshop touch, and began twisting and bending it with the warp tool in an attempt to get a little more life into it.

Having taken it as far as I could that way, I saved it and moved it into PhotoForge2 and started cutting it up into parts, which I then manipulated by rotating and resizing them.

Aside from a nice walk from the Jardin down to my dentist, a brief appointment there, lunch across the street at Monet, and a delightful dinner of Mexican Lasagna and lemon cream and meringue pie with Gari and Kayce at Kay and Charles' San Miguel home, I worked all day on this project.

Below are just some of the steps involved. I lost whole layers several times, before I discovered I could recover them by using the return button. Oh, well, those are the lessons that stick best. Believe me, a blow by blow description would be very boring, but if any of you have any specific questions, I will try answering as soon as I can.

After dinner, I decided to draw the dancers as I would in beginning a watercolor. That resulted in a better, more lively drawing, but one that was still not right.

Realizing that I had both Autodesk's Sketcbook Xpress, which I had used yesterday, and Sketchbook Pro already on my iPad, I photographed my drawing using my iPad, and opened it in the pro version.

I created another layer and resized and refined the Señorita's head, and started “Inking” over the pen drawing, on my iPad.

I've either caught a cold, or allergies that are causing me to squint my burning teary eyes and I'm getting really sleepy, so I believe I had better hit the sack.

To be continued.

By the way I deeply appreciate all your comments and will try to respond tomorrow.

¡Hasta Mañana!


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