Wow, this has been a longer day than may be apparent here. I spent most of it shopping for and experimenting with various apps. I have never done much work with layers, and had forgotten most of anything I had learned over time.

I'm learning to appreciate them more every hour. And I'm feeling cramped by SketchBook Pro's limit of just four layers to an image. Enter ArtRage. I think I counted fourteen layers that I was able to open all at the same time. There may be no limit, I just don't yet know.

I entertained several more apps, some quite well respected, but none had all the features I was looking for, though most had far more features than I was looking for. Testing, evaluating, reading descriptions and reviews, all that takes a lot of time.

So far. ArtRage appears to be the most likely app of choice, but I'm still looking.

Meanwhile, back to Sketchbook Pro, since I couldn't get familiar enough with the drawing side of ArtRage in the time I had available.

I cranked up the band and got our couple moving a bit. This is becoming really a fun project, although it is taking a lot longer than I had anticipated.

Here are some tempting colors and promising brush strokes from ArtRage:

i'm getting very excited, and I hope you are, too.

¡Hasta Mañana!


6 thoughts on “CALAKAS DANCING Part Three / Daily Painting #1242

  1. Now they are really dancing. Colors are lovely, especially the soft coral. You are embarking on a new phase. Hope you are feeling better from the cold.

  2. Loving it John. I found it interesting that your drawing, after all the attempts to trace/draw it in the computer, was so effortless and exquisite! And yet you persist. That’s what makes you extraordinary. And I agree with Cheryl…they’re really dancing now, and I LOVE the colours.

    1. Thanks Gena,
      It is so much easier and so much more expressive to just go ahead and draw the thing. Tracing can be a real trap. Not sure why I even did it. Busy learning the medium, I suppose. So nice to have you along.

  3. Distinguishing, characterizing, manner, and method. The influence you possess shows true, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” You are on the right track.

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