Actual Size

Detail, enlarged approximately 375%.

I know, this must seem to be going awfully slow. That's because it is. There is a lot of back and forth still going on as I learn the capabilities and limitations of this new, to me at least, medium. As you can see from the above comparison, I'm having to work with very small tools. I should have started with a much larger image which would have given me a lot more room to work. I know that, now, and will definitely know better next time.

Also, we are winding down our stay here at Casa Laura, and I am trying to quickly inch my way toward a more civilian schedule, so that we can have a bit more time with our friends. I'm afraid I had lost track of the time, and thought we had a full day more remaining than is the case. So there's re-packing to be done, in my case, especially. Tomorrow will be our last night here, then back to Mexico City and Taos for Thea, Spain for me, if my Frequent Flyer miles cooperate, if not, destination unknown.

At any rate posts are likely to be a bit sparse for the next couple of days, but I promise to get as much as I can out to you.

¡Hasta Mañana!


4 thoughts on “CALAKAS DANCING Part Five / Daily Painting #1244

  1. John—the calacas look great and quite familiar to us. Your posts have done much to lift Jackie’s spirits in the hospital. See you later!!—Steve and Jackie

  2. Hi Steve and Jackie,
    Thank you for your kind words. We’ve been missing you and praying each in our own way for your swift and complete recovery. Jackie, your smile lit up the house every time you were able to come out and join us and it lingers in our memories. We’ll see you guys in New Mexico!

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