Now we're cookin'! There is still a bit to be done on this hombre, corrections, details, etc. but I do finally have an idea how this app, ArtRage works. I gave up and started over this morning. I was able to enlarge the original drawing, but had to give up the color work I had already done. No problem. I was considering some changes antway.

So here he is, wiith a bacground I just now threw in to make him stand out better. I had made a background more like yesterday's, but lost it in a crash when I pushed the app just a bit too far, too fast.

If you think he's having fun, now, just think how much more he'll have when we add his Señorita.

Gotta hit the sack, now, as we must evacuate the premises early in the mañana.

¡Hasta Mañana!


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