Here she comes, La Señorita muy bonita! I am having too much fun. I have to stop now, and get some sleep so I can get Thea to the airport on time. It's not easy to stop right now, believe me. But the good news is that when I resume working tomorrow, my brushes won't be dried out, neither will my paints. i am loving painting on the iPad?

I understand it will be raining all this week in Spain, so I might just find a lair somewhere here in

Mexico and get in a couple of uninterrupted days of work. Maybe even finish this particular project.

I keep seeing hints and suggestions of what I might be able to do with other subjects in this new medium.

My finger is getting to be as itchy as my feet.

We got up early this morning, went straight to the bus and right on to our hotel in Mexico, had a brief rest, walked to dinner and back. Not much to report, not much work done, but I am happy with what I did get done, and happy to be learning.

We had a grand time in San Miguel at Casa Laura, with all our friends, old and new. The cobblestones, stairs and hills didn't kill us, so maybe they made us a little stronger. We also had a great time together, Thea and I. We needed that.

Uh Oh, here comes the Sandman!

¡Hasta Mañana!


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