Reading Alone / Painted on my iPad Air / ArtRage3

Wow! I am loving this app. Oops, I've been calling it ArtRage4, and just now realized that it's ArtRage3. I hope I haven't caused any confusion.

I was using ArtRage on my iPhone 4s to sketch while waiting for my breakfast in Sanborn's Casa De Azulejos today, and kind of got hung up on the fellow with all the hair and the mustache. It seemed as though he changed every time I looked at him.

Then I spotted this woman:

And I knew instantly that I had found tonight's subject. I took a shot with my iPhone for backup reference:

And Reading Alone is the result. Hopper did it first and did it best, of course, but, then, someone has already painted just about everything. So, a tip of the hat to old Edward, a thank you to the anonymous woman, and to iPad and ArtRage for a most enjoyable painting session.

I had a busy day, today, mostly walking and sketching and photographing. After getting caught up on e-mail and comment replies, that is. I figure I covered about four and a half miles. Not much, you say? A lot, I say, for a guy who could barely walk through a grocery store a month and a half ago.

¡Hasta Mañana, mis amigos!


4 thoughts on “READING ALONE / Daily Painting #1250

  1. I’m starting to get the itch to purchase another one of your wonderful works.

    Thanks for sharing your Mexico trip; it was wonderful following it in-and-of itself. The “Palacio de las Bellas Artes” at night was spectacular but, Thea, I want to make sure I am all paid up before I pull out my list of possibilities to check on what has sold & what’s available. Please let me know.

    Best, Lynn Keeth Manka

    1. Hi Lynn,

      I’m sure the will be happy to help you with that itch, so I have forwarded your message to her.
      I’m glad you enjoyed Mexico, and I hope you will enjoy Spain as much or more.
      Here we go…

  2. Have really enjoyed seeing these paintings that you did in Mexico. Also happy to see the pictures of Thea. Don’t miss your plane ride to Spain.

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