I hope none of you receive this post more than once. Wouldn't you know it, the gremlins are at work, slowing me down just because I have an early flight to catch. My apologies for any inconvenience you might experience.

I've been itching to get to my oils to paint this man from Patzcuaro ever since i first saw him last month on our trip with Charles and Kay. So tonight, I thought why not have a go at him using an alla prima, one shot, oil approach using ArtRage? I avoided using layers and just mixed colors right on the “canvas”. Funny how I can already make a painting using my finger on the iPad that looks more like an oil painting than do most of my paintings actually done in oil. Go figure.

You may remember this fellow from a totally different piece done in watercolor, Hombre de Patzcuaro, #1231

Character Study, Patzcuaro /Painted on my iPad Air / ArtRage3

Spent the day wrestling with seat assignments, booking reservations, and planning (wince). Sometimes even I have to a little planning, but it sure isn't my favorite thing to do. I'm of the opinion that unmade plans can't go awry. Besides, I like having Serendipity as my sidekick.

Anyway, it's time to repack and head for the airport.

¡Hasta Mañana!




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