Sarge / Painted on my iPad / ArtRage3

I started Sarge in the Dallas / Fort Worth Airport, while waiting for my flight, and finished him at 11,277 meters above the Atlantic Ocean, at a ground speed of 629 miles per hour, on my way to Madrid, still some 5,444 kilometers distant.

I could not have done that with oils, nor with watercolor. But it was a cinch with my iPad Air and ArtRage3.

I got to bed last night at two, and up at five to catch my first flight of the day, from Mexico City to Dallas. Then a six hour layover in rainy Dallas.

Now, I'm going to turn off this little miracle, and take a nap the rest of the way. I will post this as soon as I can find a good wifi signal.

¡Hasta España!

Aha! Here I am in Madrid. Bedraggled but excited. I'm at the airport, and there is free wifi for the first 15 minutes. If it works, my post won't really be late, as I often post about this time, even at home. Of course, here it,s ten after eleven on Monday morning, rather than ten after four on Monday morning in Taos, where Thea tells me it's been snowing. She says it's really pretty. I agree. It is beautiful… From here. 😉

OK, I'm off to the metro to find my hotel and park my bags and start exploring. Reports to follow.


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