Parked my bags, alright. And my self with them. After a brief but exhausting (stairs, stairs, and more stairs) metro ride, came back into the sunlight in Puerta del Sol. Passed a Vodafone store, went back in and bought a Spanish sim card for my iPad, walked across the square and half a block to my Hotel, checked in, plugge in my iGear to recharge, fell into bed, and slept eight wonderful hours.

I woke up around ten and painted Red Eye Reader, one of my fellow passengers from last night, did some area research until three am, then slept two more hours.

Red Eye Reader / Painted on my iPad / ArtRage3

Up at five, unpacking and organizing, researching, showering, etc, and writing this post. Now, I really am headed off to explore the world and to get something to eat as I haven't eaten since that little croissant on the airplane about twenty hours ago.

¡Hasta Pronto!


8 thoughts on “RED EYE READER / Daily Painting #1253

  1. Welcome to Europe, John! Now you are almost in my neighborhood;-)! When I look at today’s painting I can almost hear the sound of the aircraft engines and feel the movement of the plane on cruising altitude. Reminds me of the many, many long flights I was on. Great painting! Have a wonderful time exploring!

  2. So delighted to see this iPad painting and to tell you what fun you are missing here in your studio with the lovely Gena La Coste and her friend Patty. They absutely loved seeing your art filled home and Gena posted about it on her daily painting blog: We stayed up last night looking through Gena’s recent daily watercolors and some of yours. WOW! They are so great to see in person.

    1. Red eye reader reminds me of the men who worked and the only time they had was on a plane. As soon as they landed had to get to the Co. meeting as fast as they could. They had to have eye strain studying for the meeting.

  3. wonderful painting and I can see an incredible amount of commitment to these daily paintings in this blog! Enjoy Spain, and I can’t wait to see what you get up to!

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