Morning in Madrid / Painted on my iPad / Art Rage3

I started out walking yesterday morning around 7 am, managed to get myself thoroughly lost, and wandered around, aimlessly enjoying the architecture and life on the streets until noon. I was so taken by this small plaza with its buildings, statue surrounded by colorful flowers, student groups, and strolling figures, that I forgot to check its name.

At noon, the opportunity presented itself, and I did something I had theatened to do in many cities, but had not previously done. I took the tour bus. The big, open topped, double-decker. I thought it would be a good way to get oriented and somewhat familiar with the city. And it was that.

But I also thought it would be a great way to get some photographs. I learned a good lesson; check the sides of the bus. This one had high, distorted, and reflective windows, as well as all the vision blocking framing. Some windows could at least be opened, but mine could not, and the bus was packed. I caught the tops of a couple of churches, but not much else.

I got off at the Prado Museum and went in to visit some old friends, paintings by Rubens (mainly for the horses and other animals, painted, actually, by his friend Frans Snyder.), and more by Velazquez, Goya and others. The museum was very crowded, mainly by groups of students more interested in each other than in the art.

There were also a couple of temporary exhibits, the Furies, paintings by the usual suspects of vultures ripping the flesh and livers from suffering inhabitants of Graeco-Roman Hades, and another of six modelli, small oil on panel pieces by Rubens, upon which six giant tapesrtries had been based. I find Rubens' animals even more interesting in these snall works, something I discovered in the splendid little Musee de la Chasse in Paris in the early eighties.

I managed to get one shot before a guard descended on me and forbade the taking of photographs anywhere in the museum. So instead I picked up the free brochure thst included reproductions of the works. I still took a few, unmolested, in the main museum, as I have in the past.

As it was getting near closing time, I left the museum and walked, trudged. Back to Puerta del Sol for a drink and a small plate of pasta. At Eight, I headed back to the hotel, and tried working until ten, when I gave up and hit the sack. I woke up at five and started this painting by trying out various other tools available in ArtRage, hoping to get a lighter, more spontaneous result than the heavy oil style I've been learning the past couple of weeks.

Now I'm off to find some lunch and to the train station Atocha to book my way to Jerez de la Frontera for Semana Santa.

¡Hast Mañana!


3 thoughts on “MORNING IN MADRID / Daily Painting #1254

  1. This is so fresh and so “morning”. The value arrangements in this painting are just right on.

  2. You caught this at the right time. The colors stand out and really fit and blend. Shows how mindful they are of building and colors. Your thoughts with ArtRage3 will win and be perfection. Keep going and thinking.

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