I decided to keep things on the light side for a while. I really enjoy sketching on the iPad, and then to be abe to paint on a separate layer beneath the drawing so that none of the drawing need be lost is a real delight. i'm still using ArtRage3, and I know I've barely started to explore all of its possibilities. Still, though, other apps are crying out, try me, try me.

Meanwhile, I'm keeping pretty busy with things like taking my clothes to the laundry, finding a bank to change some dollars to euros, finding less expensive places and ways to eat, and trying to get photos from my camera to my iPad via wifi. I was able to move them using the card reader adaptor on my older iPad, but it doesn't seem to work in the iPad Air. Any ideas, anyone?

Oh, by the way, I also just spent another four and a half hours on my feet, photographing the Semana Santa processions through the narrow streets. All those images, however, are currently trapped inside my camera.

Oh, and while the rest of Spain took a siesta, I made a painting just for you.

¡Hasta Mañana!


8 thoughts on “CARRIAGE IN JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA / daily Painting #1261

  1. Very Cool. Amidst the processions, laundry, edibles and technological unknowns you turned out that Cool horse cart painting.

  2. Hi John. I’m following your blog and paintings daily!
    I think it is time to thank you for encourageing others (like me) to paint and create.
    I am adoring your courage and enthusiasm for “new things and techniques “! Who ever would have predicted only five years ago, that we will paint digital masterpieces with only a tip of our fingers on a computer screen which is as flat and lightweight as an exercise book?

    For the wifi communication with my camera, I am using ShutterSnitch (see http://www.shuttersnitch.com or AppStore.) It works excellent with my iPads, Samsung NX and Toshiba FlashAir SD card and many others in full resolution . Don’t know if it supports the iPad Air… but it works with my new iPad mini.

    For painting on the IPad with a pen I prefer the Adonit Jot pro pen. It is the most accurate sketching device – check it out!
    As Apps I use Sketch Pro (Autodesk) which comes also with a trial version and ArtStudio. But ArtRage is the best for me to imitate “oil painting”.

    So, I hope you’ll keep the brushes wet (or should I say the batteries charged?)
    and you will enjoy your stay in Europe!


  3. Hello Dietmar,
    I love sharing my work, and it pleases me immensely to think I might encourage others in their creativity by doing so. I would not have believed even three months ago that I could rely solely on my iPad for sketching and painting while traveling. Had I known, I could have really traveled light!

    I haven’t had any luck, so far, using the Lumix app. Will try again today, and will look into Shuttersnitch as well. Thanks for the tip.

    The Adonit Jot pro pen is on my list of things to try, along with the Sensu brush stylus. For now, though, I’m happy using just my finger.

    I have SketchPro and ArtStudio, but so far Art Rage is both satisfying and challenging. This exciting new medium is keeping both my iPad’s and my own batteries fully charged.

    I have just looked through your Flickr group and must say, you have inspired me back.

  4. There is no end for your talent. Inspiring, insuring, and friends, keeps growing and growing. Seeing the man driving the cart and the narrow streets made me start studying about Spain. Spain’s History is very interesting.

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