QUERETARO MEMORY / Daily Painting #1277

QUERETARO MEMORY / Painted on my iPad Air / ArtRage3

Walking with my friends Kay and Charles through the center of Queretaro in 2001, we passed a restaurant that had a piano out front. There happened to be an apple on that piano. The vision has stuck with me ever since, begging to be painted. Well, when I stepped out of my room in Ronda, yesterday, there was a piano in the hallway, right in front of me. When I went out to get a bottle of water and some other things, I bought an apple. And I put it on that piano and I took some shots of it with my iPhone. All these years later, I finally got around to painting my apple on a piano still life.

I drove down to the beautiful little white village of Gaucin, this evening, through beautiful, lush green, jagged mountain scenery. I had a most enjoyable dinner with and am spending the night with my friends Peggy and Steve, from Taos. The only thing missing from a perfect day, was Thea.

¡Hast mañana!


2 thoughts on “QUERETARO MEMORY / Daily Painting #1277

  1. Getting the feeling you are going to have everyday you are there a perfect day. The fruit there is rich in color. Mouth is watering looking at it.

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