One Half of a Pair / Painted on my iPad Air / ArtRage3

Whew! That last one was hard, especially with the crash. So today I decided it was time for something simple, painterly, and Alla Prima, or painted all in one go. I painted this in the Santa Justa train station in Sevilla, while waiting for my train to Madrid.

When finished, I added a plain, simple bacground. It was fine, but I was wishing I knew how to do a graduated background in ArtRage3.

Oops! I just missed my self imposed deadline of midnight. Oh, well. It's just that the days get mixed up, and it's hard to tell whether I'm keeping to a painting, or stage of one, every day. Not the end of the world.

I was up at nine this morning, and finally landed in a tiny room, but the nicest in a week or two, at a little after eight thirty, pm. The streets below were filled with restaurants and bars, and I was dog tired, so I promised myself I would just run down stairs, have a nice, leisurely meal, head back to my room, write up this post, and hit the hay. Well, I walked a few blocks, reading menus, decided, finally to have a drink and decide where to eat. Walked a couple more blocks and wandered into an amazing, packed to the gills tapas bar. Two tapas, one a black pudding wrapped in potato and fried with a fried quail's egg on top, another, of skewered pork and green pepper on bread, each €2.90 and a small glass of tap beer, una caña, and I was stuffed.

I decided to walk it off and stumbled across an Espectaculo Flamenco, just ready to begin. It sounded awfully touristy, but I figured what the heck, research is research, and I wasn't required to buy dinner. Plus I could sit down for a while. Not. Turns out it was a pretty good show in a great setting. But sit? Not me. No video was allowed, so I stood and fired over the crowd, getting something like eight or nine hundred shots, and running out of memory just before the show ended.

On the way back to my room, I found this little place, and am writing this at the bar, while having a litte gelato and espresso for dessert. The streets are still crowded, young, old, families. What a place. I take back what I said previously about Madrid. I just didn't know where to be. I do, now.

Oh, right, I was about to tell you about wishing I knew how to do a graduated background in ArtRage3. Flying along on the high speed rail from Sevilla to Madrid, there was precious little hope of getting any photographs. Especially with my iPad. But a fella's gotta try, right? So. I had my iPad lying on the tray table while we went through a tunnel. When I started to pick it up, the camera was trying valiantly to focus on the table top. It was gray, and lit warmly on one side, tapering to dark on the other, with a hint of cool light coming in from one dark corner. Bingo! Just what I needed, and just what you see behind, or under, this sliced pear.

My memory cards are all full, my iPhone refuses to take one more photo, my camera is full, and my poor iPad is stuffed to the gills. Maybe, just maybe, I can take it easy for a day or two. Yeah, right. But I think I can safely promise that I'm off to bed right now! I hope.

I just got a warning that ny iPad is down to less than ten percent battery remaining. That's more than can be said for me! 😉

¡Hasta mañana!

WowI I've been trying to post ths for the past twenty minutes. Blogsy refuses to load the image. I'll try loading a smaller version. If it works, I will try and include the larger version in tomorrow's post. Thanks for your patience.


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