Yeguada White on White / Painted on my iPad Air /ArtRage3

I painted this one in the air between Madrid and Dallas / Fort worth. I started it somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, and finished over the Ohio River. I have never done an oil painting nor a watercolor while in flight, though I believe I could. The iPad is jut so much more convenient and there is no mess. Stop for lunch, go right back into it. Setup and put away are a snap. For anyone with time or space constraints, I heartily recommend using an iPad.

There are probably several other tablet computers that would work as well, and I know there are other apps for the iPad in addition to ArtRage3. These are the tools I started with, though, and am still learning to use. I will be trying other apps in the near future. I will let you know how they stack up.

The research for this painting is from my reent trip to the Yeguada de la Cartuja outside Jerez de la Frontera, one of the main reasons for my trip to Spain.

We are now over Mammoth Caves Kentucky, with less than two hours to go. I'm going to sign off, now, and post this later, probably from Albuquerque, when I get back on Verizon.

See ya later!

P.S. I still have 57% battery power remaining on this wondrous little machine. Wow.


4 thoughts on “YEGUADA WHITE ON WHITE / Daily Painting #1286

  1. What a beautiful painting! These horses remind me of the Camargue Horses! It’s been a while since you painted horses. Welcome home and thank you for having shared your wonderful trip with all of us!

  2. John, amazing you did this on an ipad. Thank you for sharing your skills and the app. Donna H.

  3. You have always had a special way with horses. When looking at them I feel they are looking at me. The expressions are so real. Have always had a deep love for horses.

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