Flamenco Duo / Painted on my iPad Air / ArtRage3

Back in Taos. Trying to make order out of the chaos of images from my time in Mexico and Spain. Trying to nail down some memories of times, places, and events before they slip away. My note taking abilities are scarcely helpful, and, in fact, themselves need to be found, organized and even deciphered.

In order to get all my images organized and backed up to a hard drive and to the cloud, via drop box, I'm having to delve back into the world of desktops and laptops and notebook computers. Not a pleasant prospect to a diehard iPad convert! Meanwhile, present and future considerations clamor for attention. Never a dull moment.

Summer is almost here; the carnival is in town and getting set up for the weekend. On Taos Mountain, though, can still be seen the results of the snow that hit town a couple of days ago.



One thought on “FLAMENCO DUO / Daily Painting #1287

  1. A dance style of the Andalusian Gypsies characterized by forceful, often improvised rhythms and the guitar music that usually accompanies a dance in this style. I had to look this one up. What I am learning about Gypsies is better that what I have seen in movies on TV. They have a divine way about them. You are really making it show in these paintings. Thank you for helping me with another history lesson.

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