Field Glasses / Watercolor / 7×10 Inches / To magnify, touch the Image.

Field glasses, that’s what we used to call them. Binoculars seems to have taken over as their most common name. I remember the heft of them, and the way they fit so snug in their felt lined, leather case. The way there was always a subtle “pop”, when they finally broke free of the case. Things are different now. I love the things that technology has enabled me to do, but I miss the feel, the smells, the sounds of those times gone by. I feel most fortunate to have lived then and now.

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3 thoughts on “FIELD GLASSES / Daily Painting #1326

  1. My sentiments, exactly, John. Glad to be part of the process, but I love the craftsmanship and love of good materials of the past. Real stuff beautifully made! This must have been a lot of fun to paint, especially the soft tones on the body of the binoculars.

  2. Seeing things like this from the past shows how they took time to make it the best way they could. Now we have everything made by machine and too many shortcuts get applied.

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