Face of a Saint II / Oil on Panel / 6 x 6 Inches


  • Starting bid $200
  • By email to: farnsworth gallery@newmex.com
  • Bidding will close at Noon, MST, August 04, 2014
  • The winning bidder will be notified by email the following day.
  • Paintings will be shipped as soon as the paint dries to insure safe packing. (Please allow two weeks).

I first posted on this blog three years ago today, Friday.

I'm as excited today as I was then, maybe even more. I offer my heartfelt thanks to all of you who follow along. I promise to keep them coming. To those of you who add your comments, a special thank you. I read and appreciate them all, and hope to begin responding as soon as time will allow. And to my many collectors, you put the beans on the table and make it all possible, and for that I offer my deepest thanks.

And then there's Thea, who takes such good care of all of you, and of me. My cheerleader and harshest critic, my bride, who puts up with this old curmudgeon and keeps a smile on my face and joy in my heart. I can never thank her enough. And, man, can she cook!

Today's painting, The Face of a Saint II, coming to you on Saturday, marks the beginning of year four, and it is the second in what is shaping up to be a new ongoing series based on the faces of antique carvings.

Please tell a friend about us and remember, these little gems make terrific gifts.


2 thoughts on “FACE OF A SAINT II / Daily Painting #1362

  1. You know how in the story Pinnochio, the wooden boy finally becomes flesh and blood?
    That’s what we have here with the wooden saints! Beautifully studied.

  2. John, Your paintings have and still giving me pleasure that is very fulfilling, Always look forward to seeing them and what you do with them.

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