Backbar / Oil on Panel / 6 x 6 Inches / Daily Painting #1391

I was having a tacos and a beer and listening to the old-timer regulars one evening in the Ocotillo Bar in Bouse Arizona, near Quartzsite, in January, '13, when this found still life caught my eye. I thought of a couple of other names. ’55 Chevy, Faded Memories, Bouse, of course, or maybe His Truck. Coming up with a good name for a painting is often the hardest part for me.

What do you think? What would you have named it?

Thanks Annie D, Cheryl, and Thea, for your stories based On “Almost There”. That was really fun! And to Doris, thanks for your comment, but would have loved to have heard a story from you, too. Anyone care to take a shot at building a little story around today's painting?

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  • Starting bid $200
  • By email:
  • Bidding will close at Noon, MST, September 02, 2014
  • The winning bidder will be notified by email the following day.
  • Paintings will be shipped as soon as the paint dries to insure safe packing. (Please allow two weeks).

Please tell a friend about us and remember, these little gems make terrific gifts.


2 thoughts on “BACKBAR / Daily Painting #1391

  1. Hummm, I like the paint and that the image is not too literal. It puts my imagination to work. After reading your post my thoughts went to waitresses with dirty pink aprons and those strange little cup hats they used to often pin on top of their heads. It took me a bit of timt to see the Chevy and realize the lamp glare is hiding it. Good work John!

  2. The serpent and the blue idol looking are wishing they could open the bottle and drink it contents. I see a man bowing to the idol and the other one dancing with a black serpent around his leg. Seeing a bald head and thought it was partly covered by the tablet. Then reading Thea’s remark I saw The Chevy. The man dancing lost his boot which is sitting on the Chevy. They came to the bar in the Chevy. Looks like a black serpent around the man’s leg that is dancing. You really picked a lively bar to eat and drink in.

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