Face of a Saint XXXIV / Ink and Watercolor / 7 x 10 Inches / Daily Painting #1446

This is from an email I received yesterday:


I have enjoyed all of your art but I adore your ink and watercolors. You mentioned that you have a new palette. Does this mean you are no longer mixing the 3 M. Graham primary colors? Are you painting on wet paper in your demonstration?
I will send you a photo of a watercolor I just finished to show how your class in Ruidoso inspired me. Thank you.
All my best,

Scroll down for my answers…

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I did it! I finally finished my first video demonstration and it's up and running on YouTube!

Please watch, like, share, tell your friends, and, please, let me know what you think of it in the comments, or drop me an email with your impressions. Click here to watch the video. Some have requested background music. I am considering it, but so far am convinced you would like hearing music of your own choosing better than any thing I might come up with. Any more thoughts out there?

By the way, if you are having a problem with the links to the video, just go to YouTube and search for Farnsworth Watercolor. That should get you there.


Hi D,

Nice painting. It would be very difficult to make such a painting, with so many colors, without ending up with a lot of mud, when using a more complicated palette.

No, I haven't changed. I meant to say that I bought a new paint box. The pigments I fill it with will still be the same.

As for purple, it is the one most difficult color to acheive with this palette. But it can be done. Try this for practice. Divide a sheet of paper into 25 or 50 swatches. Using clean water, and a clean brush, be very careful not to allow any yellow at all into the mix. Start with a lot of water and just a little pigment and work your way up to a lot of pigment and not much water. Start with a pale pink, then add a very small hint of blue. Then a tiny bit more and so on. Then try starting with a pale, pale blue and adding small amounts of red. Explore all the different combinations that are available. Learn the possiibilities, practice, and you will do fine.

I don't generally wet my paper first. However, if you can slow down the video, you will see thst there are areas in which I sometimes paint wet into wet, wet over dry, and so on. All that just comes with practice, really; I don't give it much conscious thought when I'm painting.

When doing the above swatches, you might also want to try wet into wet, wet over dry, dry into wet, dry over dry, etc

Paint, paint, paint, that's the key.



2 thoughts on “FACE OF A SAINT XXXIV / Daily Painting #1446

  1. This one really has excellent quality. Would like to know from what country the crown represents. Makes me wish I had a time machine that I could go back in time and see what really took place.

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