On the tenth, we ran a couple of errands in Santa Fe, then drove on down to Albuquerque, where we had dinner, went to a movie, and checked into a hotel. A really enjoyable day together.
Yesterday, however, was exhausting. Up at 5 am. (Ten is more my speed.) Thea dropped me off at the airport for my first flight, to Dallas Fort Worth, where I had a light lunch of Vietnamese chicken soup. Then, while waiting for my next flight, I sketched a few fellow passengers using just my finger on my iPhone 6 Plus:
Ooops! Wrong date. Should have been 03-11-2015. Sorry.

I used the app Sketch Time. I love drawing on the iPhone and iPad. So covenient. And unobtrusive. And I really like the fact that Sketch Time gives me an instant replay of a drawing in high speed motion. I'm going to experiment with a couple of other apps to see if they will allow transfer of the replay.

I expect to be doing a lot more of my sketching this way, especially while traveling.

After a crowded and cramped but uneventful flight, I exited the airport and boarded a bus for a crowded and cramped one hour bus ride to Playa del Carmen, where I snapped this shot on the way to my hotel:

After checking in, I cleaned up, stashed my stuff and took a nice long walk. I located the Telcel store where I will go shortly to get a sim card for my iPad. Then I had a dinner of fish tacos and fresh squeezed orange juice, and another long walk back to my room. Result? Cramps in both legs and both feet until 3 or 4 am. Ouch! Better now, and rested.

Now, it's time to explore. Yay, Life is Grand.



8 thoughts on “ON THE ROAD, AGAIN – FINALLY!

  1. John, glad to hear you are back in Mexico. Charles and I are in Patzcuaro with friends and were reminiscing about our trip here last year with you and Thea.

    1. Hi Kay and Charles
      It’s great to be back in Mexico. Not yet sure if I’ll make it up your way, but you know me and plans. Would love a visit, though. Maybe we can arrange a crossing of paths in the days ahead. This is my first time in the Yucatan, so no idea how long I’ll be tempted to stay.

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