Well, this did, in fact, turn out to be a travel day. So not much to show you. I did manage these six quick sketches on my iPhone 6 Plus while waiting for my bus from Playa del Carmen through Tulum ( I had not expected this) and on to Valladolid:

I had a nice, leisurely late lunch / early dinner In Valladolid, while my legs uncurled from the bus ride, followed by a long and exhausting search for a hotel. One look at the room I had almost booked ahead, and away I went. Finally found a very nice room right on the Zocalo, just a block from where I had eaten.

This room even has a tv. Sort of. And all in dubbed Spanish. Flipped through the channels and landed on one showing something called BNP Paraty 2015. Tennis. Something I know next to nothing about. But I wondered what I could do in the way of really quick little studies of the players and occasionaly of the spectators. Here are the results, done on my iPad Air, using, as with those above, the Sketch Time app:


Looks like this is going to take some practive! Bear with me, won't you?

How on Earth, I'm wondering, did I manage to do a painting every day for almost four years. And a photo a day for around three years. Many of those photo years running the sme time period as the paintings.

Now for a little rest.

Hasta Mañana




      1. It takes less energy doing a job you love to do. Takes more energy working at a job that you dislike and being unhappy.

        1. You are so right, Deezes. But I do tend to wear my lazy old self out from time time, doing things I love to do. If someone told me I had to do half the things I do joyfully, I probably wouldn’t last a minute.

  1. Cuz JJ, Great you are On the Road Again. We were at the BNP Paribas Tennis event a few days the past week. For the early days, the fun part is going to the practice courts where you see the world’s top players and their coaches working. Must be the most hi-tech tennis facility in the world, bankrolled by Larry Ellison. Beautiful venue, 85-95 deg, surrounded by snow-tipped peaks on two sides. Roger & Jane

  2. Rough sketches outlining the scene sequence and major changes of action. Looks like the start of a Great Story board.

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