Another day given over, for the most part, to travel. I’m in Merida now, and already liking it far more than either Playa del Carmen or Valladolid.  I spent the evening around the Zocalo, which was jam-packed with families, partiers, food stalls and vendors, including these young girls at the end of a busy day.


BREAKTIME / iPhone 6 Plus

I took a lot more photos, several videos, and managed a couple of sketches. But it’s after midnite, now, and I’m exhausted. Besides, I have no wifi tonight and am having to prepare and post this using my iPhone. So. That’s it for now. More tomorrow.

Hasta Mañana

6 thoughts on “BREAKTIME

  1. Larry spent a time in Merida. I have heard that it is more formal and less tourist. Enjoy and rest some, then paint us a picture.

    1. Yes, much more to my liking. Just found a better hotel, close by the Zocalo. Hope to settle in there tomorrow and get both some rest and work done. Only now found a good wifi spot a block from the new hotel.

  2. Really enjoying your pictures and comments. I know how much you enjoy going to different places and then returning to some of the ones you have been to. I have always wanted to see more of the world and countries. This is why your pictures are very important to me. Thank you for showing them to me.

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