I sketched this fellow as a warm-up on the Zocalo in Merida, using my finger on the iPad Air, in SketchTime.

Before I could finish, his pose became much more interesting, so I did a second sketch…

This guy offered two poses I found interesting…

I needed two pages to capture the action of his little boy chasing a pigeon while pulling his mother along behind…

Finally, a super quick study of one side of the Cathedral, peeking above the trees.

I thought I should explain, briefly, the change from a daily painting. As many of you know, I painted a painting every day and posted it here for almost four years. I enjoyed that time immensely. I also did another blog for about three years that was a photograph a day, whenapaintersnaps.wordpress.com, which also was a pleasure. After a while, though, doing two blogs every day became a bit too much. So I quit the photo blog.

Last November, I took what I thought would be a short break from the daily paintings. Four months flew by before I knew it. I really missed doing my “dailies”, but realized how much I had missed creating larger works, drawings and sketching, which I had done so little of during that time. I missed sharing my photographs, too.

I was also becoming more interested in doing some videos, more teaching, and a few other projects I've had stuffed up my sleeve for all too long. And there is my love of travel, and wanting to become more proficient with painting and drawing on my iPad. I would like to write a bit more on occasion as well.

What I'm trying to get at, here, is some idea of what you might expect from these posts in the future. I want to maintain the habit of posting daily, or almost daily, but I'll be mixing it up, with video one day, words the next; or sketches, followed by paintings of various sizes. In other words, this is going to become a variety show. I hope you will stay with me and follow along as I wander serendipitously through life. Because, really, Life is Grand!

Right now, I need to get back out on the streets of Merida to see what I can see.


4 thoughts on “SKETCHING IN THE PARK

    1. Thanks Deezes,
      I saw recently where you were having a problem with leaving a comment. Then, it seems, you got it working, but, somehow, I lost it and couldn’t reply. Things seem to be working OK now. I am going to try and keep up with replies. Wish me luck, and keep the comments coming. They really do inspire.

  1. i am just tuning in to the new gig. I love that you share whatever the day brings on. Cool stuff.

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