My, oh my! I don't know where the time has gone the last few days. I'm back in New Mexico. I know, I'm surprised, myself. So was Thea when I walked through the door, unexpectedly.

It's late right now, though, and I'm pretty tired, so I'll try and bring you up to date tomorrow. Meanwhile, I would like to share a few iPhone sketches and one from the iPad.

This woman was in the Alameda, the big central park in Mexico City:

Then, I moved into the Sanborn's House of Tiles, the 18th Century palace covered in blue and white tiles, where the lunch counter is one of my favorite sketching spots, for these:

I don't honestly remember where I saw this woman. Possibly in the DFW airport on my way home. I do know that I did a few more there, but can't seem to find them just now.

These two men may also have been at DFW:

Back in Taos, I decided to try an experiment. I put iPhone photos I had taken in the Alameda up onto the big screen in my office, and sketched from them on my iPad.

Except for the last one, I feel they got a bit overworked. I will keep trying, though, as I have so much to work from in this way.

Today, Thea and I actually took the day off! First time in a long time. We drove down the high road to Chimayo, then back up through Ojo Caliente and Tres Piedras.

I managed to get these two sketches on my iPhone while waiting for our lunch in Peñasco:

And, finally, here's a little quick IPad study of a small adobe across the road from the church in Trampas. I've always enjoyed the contrast between the house's blocky, smooth appearance, and that of the gnarly, twisted fruit tree in front of it. I've wanted to paint it for a very long time.

Now, maybe I will.

Back soon.




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