I had visited this market in the center of Mexico City eight years ago, and photographed the typical Mexican market scenes of fish, rabbits, cabrito and pig, fruit and vegetable vendors, butchers and fish mongers, and the busy food counters…

But, somehow, I had missed something. Something I should not have missed. The San Juan Market is a “foodie” destination!

On this second visit, I noticed what I had previously overlooked…

Tapas? You bet! First a complimentary sampler of wine, followed by a small plate of cheese samples, then tapas,

followed by tasty complimentary dessert tapas of bread, honey, cream cheese, chocolate, striped strawberry and pecan…

To be continued…










  1. Seeing all these pictures makes me sad that Bob and I never went to Mexico. Jack, Bob’s Twin brother and his wife Joan made a trip there almost every year.

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