Well, gang, I finally have Watercolor Demo No.2 ready for your viewing pleasure. It was filmed last fall, on my iPhone 4s, using Filmic Pro, and edited in iMovie on my iPad Air, over the past couple of days. And nights.

I know one thing. The more I watch it, the more inspired I become to once again get some watercolor flowing. I hope it will have the same effect on some of you!

If you don’t paint, but enjoy looking at or collecting watercolors, I hope you will find this glimpse into the making of a watercolor interesting and informative.

So, here goes…

It’s really not all that difficult to put together a demo like this. I had to relearn the editing part and learn how to find and add music to the sound track. That slowed me down, of course, but the real problems were caused by the mess I’ve made by not properly organizing and storing my images. I really do need to work out a better system.

I’m not sure why the image above is so blurry. I suspect it’s because Youtube just picks a frame at random from inside the movie, and they happened to catch one that was in the process of dissolving into another. I just now ran the video on YouTube, and it’s working just fine there, so I hope it’s working for everyone here. If it gives you problems, go to YouTube and search for Farnsworth Watercolor. I hope you like it.

Hasta Mañana


  1. Mesmerizing, Primo. It demonstrates the skill you have acquired over the years. You just need a continuous playing soundtrack. Congrats! Kayce

  2. Yes, mesmerizing. I love the no-noodling principle at work. Also, how you add warmth after structure is in. Thanks, John. I know that was hard to produce!

  3. Love it! Send me the photo of the painting so I can pin it please! And I just re-blogged it on Rosa’s Picks 🙂 John is anxious to have a workshop!! Xoxo

    Sent from my iPad


  4. This is very amazing. Love how the music adds attention to how the brush is filling out the image. Your great and wonderful talent brings joy to my heart.

  5. Terrific watercolor demo John. Love seeing your process. Thanks for hanging in there to get this video up online.

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