New Gallery Representation

I am both pleased and proud to announce that I have signed on with Sorrel Sky Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Durango, Colorado.

I will be in good company there, showing alongside my friends, Billy Schenck, Peggy Immel, Barbara Bowles, Stephen Day, Tom Palmore, Star Liana York, Kevin Red Star and others.

I look forward to working with the fine, friendly and knowledgeable staff at Sorrel Sky.

When in Santa Fe or Durango, be sure to drop by and say hello.



  1. Yaay John! Good for you — I hope you’ll be so happy with them! Are we sure they deserve you though?


  2. Congratulations, John! Your art belongs into a gallery of Sorrel Sky’s reputation. I am truly happy for you!

  3. Just so happened I went in there a few weeks ago with a friend and there you were on the wall!! Yeah
    Love to you and Thea. Karol and Jerry

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