Thea has asked me to let you all know how much she appreciates all of your expressions of concern. She recently had surgery on her left eye for cataracts, followed a few days later by a more serious surgery to hopefully stop or at least slow down a rapidly advancing Glaucoma in her right eye. She's recovering well, but it should take six to eight weeks.

That's pretty rough on a person as active and full of go as Thea! She has worn glasses for near-sightedness since the third grade. Now, she is suddenly faced with being somewhat far-sighted and unable to wear glasses for the duration. She can't see to read emails or respond to them, can't even text, and has strict instructions not to physically strain her eye, like by bending over. In the garden that's rough. She loves her garden!

I can't remember the last time we watched a movie.

But the good news is that the pain has diminished appreciably, and her right eye is no longer the color of a candy apple red hot rod. Just a bit red in the corner.


Check out the August issue of Western Art Collector. And be sure to drop by Sorrel Sky Gallery in Santa Fe if you're in the area during August.

Also, you can expect more news sometime during August having to do with, you guessed it, Kachinas!



8 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH

  1. Thanks, Primo, sounds like a rough time but at least the surgery is over and now is the healing time. Tell her that we are sending healing energy her way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Amor, Kayce

  2. john and thea, i want y’all to know that i have thea on several prayer lists.  i keep st. jude on ‘speed dial’ sincehe’s the patron saint of ‘hopeless cases’……..thea, your’s certainly isn’t, but so many of minesometimes seem to be!  anyhow, you are in my thoughts and prayers and others’ also. and….speaking of thoughts… both really have been in mine for the past 3-4 weeks.  we will be intaos on august 7, and would love to see you and to invite you to lunch that day.  however, i knowthat life ‘happens’ and that may not be a good time for y’all.  also, thea…….did i ever pay youfor the framing and shipping of my gorgeous santo painting?  girl, sometimes i wonder howi keep it all together……76 years old and teaching texas history?  if i can’t remember a daybefore,  how  can i keep curriculum straight?  nevertheless, life is good and we appreciateeach and every day, don’t we? why, of course……sorrel sky is a priority visit for us, and i’ll be running to barnes and noblefor the august issue of w.a.c..  can’t wait! God bless you BIG TIME, and hope to hear from you soon! love,lucile 

  3. Hi sweet John, I’m sorry things have been so crazy for you both. Do you need any help? I remember when I had the detached retina so man people stepped in and I’m glad to do so for you if you can think of anything —

    In the meantime I know you probably haven’t had any time to think about the miniature painting — I just need you to let me know whether it’s been overtaken by events. If you’d still like to do it but just right now, I can save a space on the wall.

    Lov you both — hi to THEA.

    1. Hi Annie, Thanks for your offer, Thea’s doing really well. Earliest I can promise is Tuesday. If that’s too late, no problem. Just let me know. Things have been really hectic around here recently.
      Thanks again for thinking of us.

  4. Have really missed a lot and now catching up. We still haven’t sold our house. Have been thinking more about you and Thea’s problem. Glad to hear she is doing better. Love you both always.

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