Thea's recovery is coming along nicely. She's back in her garden, with a smile on her face!

And the smile on her face has a smile on my face!

7 thoughts on “PROGRESS REPORT

  1. Thea, we’re so glad you’re doing so much better!!! Scary eye problems. We’re no longer your neighbors down the hill, living mostly in AZ. But we’re currently in beautiful Montana For 3 weeks. But we love reading John’s blog and keeping up with you. Hope to see you at Sorrel sky or somewhere else in NM or AZ this year.

  2. Hi, Thea and John,

    What a lovely picture of Thea. She looks like she is recovering very well.

    I’m planning on coming up to Taos on Monday evening, August 24. The Mother of a friend is having her 90th birthday party that afternoon, so I would be driving up afterwards. I’ll be returning to Santa Fe on Wednesday morning, the 26th. It will be great to see you both, and Atticus and Fordacho. Are you planning on coming to Santa Fe for Indian Market?

    Tomorrow (Sunday) I’m leaving for Stockholm, so I’m in the home stretch – busy, busy.

    Looking forward to seeing you later this month. I’ll have my IPad with me in Stockholm and Russia, and both the IPad and cell phone (310-429-2744) with me in Santa Fe if you need to reach me.

    Take care, Jay

    Sent from my iPad

  3. So glad to hear. Your Blog has brought me a lot of pleasure and learning. Love you both so very much. I really missing a lot because I live so far away. Wish I was closer to where you live.

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