I ran across this photo while working through some of my archives. Unfortunately, the metadata was missing so I don't remember what camera was used. Still, I felt it would be a fun image to share.

I've been busy with multiple projects, visitors, and just the normal hectic demands this time of year always brings. I have been terribly lax, lately, in keeping this blog up to date and hope to do better in days to come. As strange as it seems, doing a daily blog is much easier for me than doing occasional posts. Deciding what kind of post to do is another thing that feeds my natural tendencies to procrastination and lack of focus.

My book, KACHINAS, volume one, or at least the final hard proof, is somewhere on its way here, and due sometime between now and the end of next week. If all is well, it should be available for purchase by the end of the month!

I redesigned the cover, using a painting, rather than a photograph for the background, and changed the background on inside pages to a painting, as well. I also changed the typeface and tweaked the composition. I was pretty happy with the first version. It's really exciting to hold your first book in your hands.

But, as time went on, I realized there were things that just didn't work the way I had hoped. So it was time to fix all those issues in an attempt to make a book to be proud of.

That said, I've started working on another Kachina book. Not volume two of KACHINAS, but a totally different sort of book, altogether. More on that coming soon.

How often would you like to see new posts, and what would you most like to see? More words, fewer words. Paintings, drawings, sketches, photos, stories, or a mix?

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2 thoughts on “CANYON CALL

  1. So great to get a blog post from you Juan Farnsworth. Several of my friends have asked me what’s happened to you & when you’re going to resume your posts, so I’m not the only one who misses them! And I love the paintings (though this raven photo is an absolute stunner.) As for what I like to see…Painting posts, with a small story to go with it; don’t care whether you talk about the subject of your work, or the process involved in making it. it’s all great when it’s a Farnsworth!

  2. I missed your postings, John!! Frankly, I enjoy all your postings – I like variety:-)! I do hope though to hear more from you in the future than these past few weeks or has it been months?

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