Let's have some fun!

And get to know each other.

If you own a Farnsworth, take a photograph of it.

Or have someone else take a photograph of it, showing where and how it is displayed in your home or office, and even better, with you in the piicture.

Add a few words about:

  • how you came to own it
  • what you get out of it
  • and, if you have more than one, which is your favorite, and why.

What's that? You say you don't own a Farnsworth? That's OK.

Just share with us what you would own if you did own one.

How would you display it?

What do you anticipate it would do for you?

Come on, send your image(s) and a few words to me in an email, and I will start featuring them here. If enough of you respond, we might make a book together.

The first ten responders will win a small ink and watercolor sketch!

Speaking of books, the Kachinas final proof is here, and the final book should be available very soon. Stay tuned.

The photo at the top of this post is a group of the early daily paintings on this blog, arranged by Thea in our former Santa Fe residence.


8 thoughts on “Let’s have some fun!

  1. What a great idea, John! Hope you got my mail and picture earlier today:-)! Can’t wait to see your Kachina book once it can be ordered.

  2. Oh goody! I’ve always wanted to say hi, so hi! I love your work, I am a real fan. I totally enjoyed your Holy Week in Spain series and love what you do. Attached is my submission! Take care, Susan Lyons Lakewood, CO (303) 674-2565 pinkylyons@juno.com

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