My first book, KACHINAS, Vol 1, is finally available from Blurb, and coming soon to Amazon and others.

Click on this link for a preview:


Also, this is the first day of my return to daily blog posts. That “short” sabbatical turned into a year.

I’m not planning on a painting a day, but I will be posting daily. I promise. I’m planning to do paintings, of course, and photos, mainly iPhone, and sketches, too. Some video. Announcements, book intros, (I’m planning on doing a series of ebooks as well as occasional print books.}

I would appreciate your help in getting the word out about this KACHINAS book. Share it on the usual social media, and email and tell any of your friends who may be interested, about it. Thanks in advance for any way you can spread the word.

I haven’t done a post in WordPress in ages, as I prefer to use the Blogsy app on my iPad, but decided to try this in the interest of saving time, since the above link was on my Mac, so I hope this turns out OK.

Hasta Mañana!

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