POLKA DOTS / iPhone 6+ / Snapseed / PhotoForge2

This is not what I had planned for today's post. But as I was flipping through my photographs this face stopped me and said, not “Tell my story”, but “Ask my story”. The same thing must have happened when I pressed the shutter. Somewhere. In an antique store or a junk store. Somewhere. Texas? Arizona? I don't remember. I must have clicked and moved on. That happens.

Then suddenly, one day, an image just seems to jump out at me and I can't go on until I've dealt with it.

My guess is she will have as many stories as she has viewers. Faces are like that. They move us.

What story does this little doll in a polka dot dress tell you? Will you share it? Will you tell us what she reminds you of? How she makes you feel? What you see?


2 thoughts on “POLKA DOTS

  1. Somebody’s hands made this with a lot of affection. And yes, Polka Dots are special. Crisp, fresh, feminine. If this girl was mine, I would wash her up and wash and starch her cute dress. Love the hand-stitching on the sleeves. Blanket stitch, fun to do.

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