Here is my newest book! It's almost finished.

It's a book of iPhone photographs taken at car shows.

Rich colors, abstract shapes, flowing forms and random detail invite the eye to linger, the mind to wander, to reminisce.

Chrome, steel, paint, and even wood combined, tell of the time and the love invested in bringing new life to these treasures from our past.

I made several changes today, adding a couple of images, resizing and rearranging them adding covers for the different versions. It will come in a choice of hard cover, soft cover, ebook and pdf formats.

In a few days, I will receive the final printed proof, make any necessary adjustments and corrections, send it off to the publisher and, just maybe, it will be available in time for gift giving this holiday season.

I have some other projects that I have been working on, as well, and I'll be letting you know more about them in the next few days.

There may even be a little something in your stocking soon.

Hasta mañana.






8 thoughts on “CAR PARTS

  1. Well now this is interesting. You are being very productive. I just purchased two Kachina books from Amazon last night and they are back ordered. Good Show, John!

  2. It is just plain and simple… a fabulous photo album of cars that we have loved and many did not realize what fine art they were. Oh NO! I am wrong it is not PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

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