LATER THAT NIGHT / IPhone 6+ / Snapseed / PhotoForge 2

So I returned later that night to reshoot yesterday's scene in the moonlight. Just kidding. Truth is, I was wondering if I could make the scene look the way it looked in my mind. Like a moonlit scene. I played around, using two of my favorite apps and their sliders for saturation, contrast, shadows and highlights, and even a few of their filters. (Lightly on the filters.)

I had a lot of fun playing with the image, and I'm enjoying the final result. I hope you are, too.

The rest of my day was a little less fun. I've made a mess. I have three books I've been working on simultaneously.

A wrong version of KACHINAS somehow got onto Amazon. I managed to get it removed. Now I have to get the right version up. The correct version, thank goodness is still available in the Blurb Bookstore.

The hard cover and soft cover versions of CAR PARTS, as mentioned previously, arrived late on Monday. I noticed right away that, while it's beautifully printed, a couple of pages were not as they should have been. Last night I discovered that the cover was right, the entire insides are from an earlier version that I had spent a day changing throughout. I still have to build and figure out how to make epub, Kindle, and pdf versions available to all the different markets.

As some of you are aware, LIFE OF A PHOTOGRAPH can only be read on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. I have promised to make it available to all those who don't have those devices. But that requires a different format and use of different software, as well as transfer to my Mac desktop.

Altogether, with the three books, I am dealing with three different apps, three or four companies, three different file formats, and, due to my own sloppy mismanagement of the whole process, a mind boggling amount of confusion and wasted time. But I'm learning as I go, and have finally realized it's time to slow down, get organized, and sort it all out. Also, I need to prioritize and take one thing at a time.

They say that making mistakes is the only way to learn. If that's true, I should reach geniushood any day, now. Don't hold your breath for that. 😉

Additionally, all the images for my books have to be located, cleaned up, sized, move from machine to cloud to machine, uploaded and inserted, books and covers, both print and eBook, designed, text researched, written, loaded, sized and arranged. Fonts chosen, colors chosen, etc.

It's been rough. But, you know what? I LOVE IT. I've wanted to do something like this for years. I didn't dream how difficult it could be I could make it. I have learned a great deal of respect for those who make more complex books. Even while struggling with these three books, my mind is racing with all the others clammering to get made. Someday I'm going to make a book to help others avoid my mistakes and really enjoy making their own books.

I just made a commitment to make a catalog for my Sorrel Sky Gallery coming up in March in Santa Fe.

So I guess I'd better get back to work.

Hasta mañana.


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