HE'S BACK! / iPhone 6s Plus / Snapseed

As we were having breakfast this morning, the low hanging sun dipped below our portal roof, peaked through our kitchen window, caressed our kitchen burro, and said shoot this! So, of course, I did.

Something has gone haywire. Blogsy, one of my favorite and most often used apps, the app I use every day for posting to this blog, has been telling me, as it usually does, that my post has been successfully published. It hasn't. Not just yet, anyway.

The first time it happened, I tried three or four more times before giving up and going to bed. The next morning, there it was. It had posted twice at around 7:30 am. Same thing yesterday.

We'll see what happens with this post. I've tried a couple of fixes, and if they don't work, I'll try a couple more.

Hasta mañana.


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