RELIC / iPhone 6s Plus / Snapseed / PhotoForge 2 / Photone

I've been playing again. I grabbed a quick snapshot while driving past this old wagon, recently, and tonight, while the tv was blathering, I decided to have some fun. First, the snapshot:

Which I cropped to get rid of unwanted elements, mainly my rear view mirror.

I dropped it into Snapseed and started to play. I cropped it further to get a composition I liked, and began pushing the colors and adjusting values; sharpened it a bit. Almost stopped here.

Tried a tighter crop, but decided I liked the more open version better.

I went back and started really pushing colors around, toying with various tools, going for extremes.

More playing, pushing, pumping the colors. Really liked this one. Decided maybe I shoulld try a black and white version, just to be sure.

Oh, yeah. Liked this one. Couldn't leave it alone, though.

Gave in to temptation and started messing with filters until I found this effect after switching to PhotoForge 2.

Then I moved into a new, to me, at least app called Photone and gave it this sort of gold tone effect. Hmmm, pretty nice, no? Still not satisfied, I decided to take it back into my old pal PhotoForge 2, push it around a little bit more, and add a border.

I showed all the various iterations to Thea, and she picked the one you see at the top of the page. Obviously, I agreed. Which do you like best?

Hasta mañana.


3 thoughts on “RELIC

  1. Thanks to Farnsworth, I have very capable technology to view images. What a great time to be an artist! There is always a creative journey here at the Farnsworth Studio in the. Viewers, do your best to view artwork on line large and with your best machine. It is inspirational.

  2. Primo, I like the third one down from the top that has bluish snow and a little green on the wagon with the adobe behind. By the way, what does the writing say on the piece of paper attached to the wagon? Of course, if you want it to look more like a relic, I agree with your choice. Kayce

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