TAOS DECOR (BUFFALO SKULL) / iPhone 6s Plus / Snapseed

WOW, yesterday's post appeared instantly, as it should. I don't know what changed, nor how long it will last. The reason I care is that I'm trying to decide the best time to post. Once I know the best time, of course, I will want to be able, reliably, to hit that mark.

Today's image, by the way, is a photograph, taken from my desk, of a buffalo skull given to me many years ago by my great friend Greg (Ging) Guymon. He found it in while on one of his many trips to Wyoming, painted it with colors from the earth, stuffed its eye sockets with buffalo grass, and brought it to me as a gift. I hope to write more about this dear departed friend in the coming days. He was born a hundred years too late, and died a hundred years too soon. Thanks, Greg.

Gotta run…

Hasta mañana.



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