GERANIUM AT NIGHT / iPhone 6s Plus / Snapseed / FrontView

One of the very first things I did when I first moved to New Mexico, was to go out and buy a Geranium. I would have liked to say this is a direct descendant of that original plant, but, alas, cold winters have taken their toll.

Thea has kept the tradition alive, though, and this is the latest in our kitchen window geranium accents.

The catalog proof for the March exhibition at Sorrel Sky has been ordered. We hope to have it available early next month.

Hasta mañana.


One thought on “GERANIUM AT NIGHT

  1. Geraniums have become a big part of the garden and the only indoor plant aloud.

    Congrats on the catalog John! The technical issues are so difficult in designing these books but your creative eye has no trouble making them beautiful!! I am so anxious for the first one to arrive. The March 4th opening at Sorrel Sky will be stunning and the catalog a terrific treasure for collectors to take away.

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