NOT A SELFIE! / Thea Swengel / iPad Air 2 / Snapseed

Honest, that's not a selfie. Thea took it in Albuqurque's 66 Diner, where we were having an early bite before heading to our hotel room for an early bedtime. I fly out tomorrow, on my way to Puerto Vallarta, where it's predicted to be 82 degrees tomorrow! I'm ready for that!

We had a nice day in Santa Fe, beginning with a nice, long visit with Ann. The day was beautiful (as long as we were looking out through windows.) this was the view from our bedroom this morning…

MORNING VISTA / iPhone6sPlus / Snapseed

There was a cold breeze blowing, though, by the time we got into town to meet our dear friends, Gari Smith and Kayce Verde for lunch and a nice long visit, followed by a bit of shopping and a leisurely drive to Albuquerque.

Time now to publish this post, charge my iPhone and iPad, check all my packing and get some shut-eye.

Hasta mañana.


2 thoughts on “NOT A SELFIE!

  1. Dear John and Thea,

    Saw John’s exhibition opening out of Southwest Art at the Sorrel Gallery….all the best, hope it goes well!

    Moira and John McCracken

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